Why does electric power transmission use high voltage

have you wondering about why does electric power transmission use high voltage in distributing electrical energy to consumers. Why they doesn’t use low voltage

Or maybe you ever pay attention to the electric meter or KWH meter on your home and you saw the writing written 220VAC on the power meter

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And the question arises in your mind

Why electric power transmission does not use 220V voltage only and then distributed to consumers considering most consumers use 220VAC voltage?

Why does electric power transmission uses hundreds of thousands of volts? And so on


why does electric power transmission use high voltage
why does electric power transmission use high voltage

In this article admin will discuss it

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the reason why electric power transmission uses high voltage

To answer the above questions you can see the following formula

electric power formula
electric power formula
  • P = electric power in watts (W)
  • V = voltage of electricity in units of volt (V)
  • I = electric current in units of amperes (A)

The above formula is the formula of electric power. Electrical power is the result of multiplication between the magnitude of the voltage and the electric current

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An example of a battery outputs a voltage of 12V and an electric current of 5A. Then the battery is 12 x 5 = 60 watts

In accordance with the above electric power formula for the same power if the voltage is magnified then the electric current will be smaller

Similarly, if the electric current is magnified then the voltage must be smaller for the same power

The power plant can transmit electricity with large currents and by using low voltage

But it can be a problem because the greater the electric current, the greater the heat generated

What happens if it is left unchecked?

Nothing else can result in the conducting cable evaporating because of the heat that it generates

In addition, the electrical energy lost is also quite large because of barrier wire barrier

Also required cross-section wire carrier that is used means the more expensive also costs incurred

The longer the wire conductor will be the greater the electrical resistance

If associated with the above formula then my friend can conclude that the lost electrical energy is large enough

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the reasons why electric power transmission use high voltage

As described above, if the power transmission is done using large currents and the small voltage of energy lost is quite large

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Therefore, to prevent the above happening, the power plant transmits its power by raising the maximum electricity tension by using the smallest electric current

Thus, the energy lost during the transmission process can be reduced as well as the size of the cross-section of the wire can be minimized

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