why does electric power transmission use alternating current (AC)

Have you ever thought or wondered why does electric power transmission use alternating current (AC power) and why does not use direct current (DC power)

As you know most electronic equipment uses DC electric current. For example, the phone charger output voltage 5VDC

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Besides other examples are radio, power amplifier, VDC, computer, laptop and so forth if you open the circuit you will know that the equipment requires DC power and does not use AC current (alternating current)

The point is most of the electrical equipment that often people use in everyday life using alternating current

Why does electric power transmission use alternating current?

alternating current

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why does electric power transmission uses alternating current?

The alternating current is a large electric current voltage or direction change

If you pay attention to the meter at your home probably you will meet the text 220VAC 50Hz

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What is the meaning of 220VAC 50Hz?

the size of the electric voltage is represented by the unit of Volt (V). So 220V is the size of the power supply voltage while Hz is the unit of frequency. If 50Hz means your power frequency is 50Hz. Which means electricity in the your home where size and its direction varies as much as 50 times per second

This means that the electricity in your home is using 220V AC voltage with a frequency of 50Hz

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One of the reasons why electric power transmission uses AC power is because it is easy to transform

AC power can be lowered and can also be raised easily by using a transformer or often called a transformer

A step-down transformer that lowers AC power voltage

To use a transformer the electric current used must be an electric current which varies in this case AC current is used

This is because the transformer can not process DC voltage. Even if it can then have to use an inverter and it is less efficient

why electric power transmission uses alternating current
a transformer can only be used to process alternating current

Did you knew what is a transformer please read on the article understanding and how the transformer works

By using a transformer electrical energy can be easily transformed

Besides the other advantage is the AC power can be converted to DC easily by using an adapter

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