what is thermostat and how does it work

what is thermostat?

Do you know what is a thermostat? What is thermostat function and how does thermostat work? Before discussing more about know about what is thermostat and how does it work then you should know first what is thermostat

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So, what is thermostat?

When discussing about “thermo” then it is also associated with heat. Thermostat is an electrical component that serves to connect and disconnect electricity based on the temperature changes it receives

Such a breaking occurs automatically

An example of using a thermostat is on an electric iron or magic comp

When the electric iron has reached a certain temperature then the electric iron will turn off automatically

Electricity disconnects automatically due to changes in temperature which causes the thermostat to be off

In addition to the electric thermostat iron can also find in a cooking pot or magic comp

what is thermostat and how does it work

Basically the thermostat function is the same as NTC or PTC but the difference is on the PTC or NTC no physical changes occur when the temperature changes

after you knows about what is thermostat and thermostat function thereby the next you need to know how does thermostat work

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how does thermostat work?

How does thermostat work? The thermostat is made of two different pieces of metal plates that are united
Therefore thermostats are often also referred to as bimetals

the two metals in the thermostat have different coefficients of expansion so that when the thermostat or bimetal is exposed to heat the Bakan thermostat curves toward a metal having a smaller expansion coefficient

The greater the temperature changes that occur then the thermostat will be more curved

how does thermostat work

Now by adding switches at the end of the thermostat thermostat will serve as an automatic switch

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When the specified temperature is exceeded then the thermostat plate will break the switch causing the electric current to stop flowing

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The benefit of this is to avoid excessive temperature

Well after the thermostat is disconnected then over time the thermostat will return to its original shape and will cause the temperature back up so on

So the essence of how the thermostat works is to disconnect the electricity automatically when there is excessive temperature or in other words the thermostat will keep the temperature stable

By using a thermostat then an ironing device, a cooking pot will be safe

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