what is MCB and how does it work?

what is MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)?

Do you know what is a MCB? What is the function of MCB? And why it needs to be installed MCB. Before stepping in to learn MCB you need to know first what is MCB?

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is an electrical component that serves to disconnect electricity automatically when an overload occurs

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MCB can be found on the power meter or on certain circuits that require the termination of electricity during excessive load (auto cut off)

Here is the physical form of MCB (miniature circuit breaker)

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With a little explanation above then you already know understanding MCB. Then after you know about the understanding of MCB then you need to know also what MCB function

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MCB functions

To know more about what MCB functions then you can pay attention to the meter on the place

for example electric power on your meter is 450W. What happens if you connects electrical equipment with more than 450W of power suppose you to connect 500W power equipment?

It is certain that the electric current will be disconnected because the MCB will automatically disconnect the power automatically

In addition to functioning as an MCB auto current circuit breaker also serves to limit the electrical power

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Another example is when there is a zipper on your electrical equipment so MCB will also break the power automatically

If carefully noted the MCB function is almost the same as a fuse

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why need to install MCB?

Maybe you still asked why on the electrical installation need to be installed MCB?

One reason is that if the installation is not installed electrical MCB then that when there is an overload is the power cable and electrical appliances will be hot because the flow of electricity keeps flowing

If it is left then it will cause a fire

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by reading a little explanation above you already know why the electrical installation needs to be installed MCB

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