what is LED and how does it work?

what is LED?

LED or light emitting diode is a type of diode that can emit light when given advanced current. led is usually used as an indicator. There are some many color. The color of light emitted depends on the type of semiconductor material used. Before discussing more about what is LED then you should know first what is LED

The types of lights themselves consist of several kinds as for the benefits of the led lamp is often used as an indicator of electrical circuit

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for example such as mobile charger, indicator outlet, indicator on power amplifier and many others

For led work requires working voltage between 2.5 to 3VDC

the following article will discuss what is LED and how does it work and the types of LED lights and its utilization in everyday life

how does LED work?

Because the led lamp is included in the family of diode having anode and cathode then the way the led lamp is similar to the diode that LED lamp will only light up if given advance bias

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meanwhile if given bias back then the led will die

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LED lights consume a very small current because of that led light we often encounter on the flashlight, the latest motorcycle lights, traffic lights and others

what is led and how does it work

LED lights work on a voltage of 2.5 to 3VDC by karna that if you want to connect at a higher voltage then you must add a resistor to inhibit the current

The value of LED lamp resistor if connected at 12V voltage is 1K

whereas if connected to 220 voltage resistor size used is 180K

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types of LED

for the types of LED lights itself consists of a wide range of LED lights if one of them is led one color, led 2 color, led 3 color, and led rgb

how does led work

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led one color is a led that is only able to emit one color just like red, yellow, green, blue and others

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Led 2 color is a led type that can emit 2 colors alternately while led 3 color is able to radiate 3 colors in turn

The led type RGB is a type of led that can emit various types of colors because it uses a blend of red, green, and blue. LED type rbg is often used on microcontroller

So the article about what is LED and how does it work

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