what is fuse and how does it work?

what is a fuse?

what is fuse and how does it work?. before discussing more about how does fuse work then you should know first what is a fuse

what is a fuse?. fuse is an electronic component that serves to secure the electrical circuit due to short circuit or short circuit or excess power

How it works is the wire on the fuse or the fuse will break when a short circuit and the electric current will break instantaneously so as to prevent damage to other components

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after you know about what is a fuse then the next you also need to know about how does fuse work. More about what is fuse and how does it work as follow

how does fuse work?

Fuse consists of several kinds of larger wire size used on the inside of the fuse the greater the maximum power the fuse can be delivered

An example of fuse size is fuse 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A, and so forth

The physical form of fuse is as follows

what is fuse and how does it work?

Fuse can my friend meet on motorcycle, amplifier, TV and so forth. Fuse is usually installed before the transformer or smsps

what is a fuse and how does fuse work

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Given its very important function then the obligatory fuse pairs on the circuit of electronics, especially in electronics that use high voltage or AC220V

Fuse can also be mounted on high-powered outputs such as amplifiers

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the wire on the fuse has been designed in such a way that it can break if it flows with a certain large current

However, if the wire on the fuse break you can replace it with copper wire but before it must be ascertained that the wire will break if there is an excessive flow of electricity or a zipper

By using the fuse then my friend can prevent damage to other larger components

Example of the function of fuse is on the amplifier is when there is a short circuit on the loud speaker cable then the fuse will be instantly broken so that the electric current stopped immediately

Thus greater damage can be prevented such as damage to 2N3055 and MJ2955 transistors

It certainly will also save costs

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Thus the article about what is fuse and how does it work

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