what is encoder and how does it work?

what is encoder?

what is encoder and how does encoder work. Encoder is an equipment used to shorten the initially large number of inputs into outputs with fewer amounts. The working principle of the encoder is the opposite of the decoder

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Encoder can be interpreted as an equipment used to change the condition of the input into a certain condition and the condition can be restored again by using the original circuit decoder

Encoder is used because with encoder we can save path or to adjust input to be processed by next circuit

More about what is encoder and how does encoder work as follows

how does encoder work?

There are many types of encoder between is encoder 16 to 4, encoder 8 to 3, keypad or keypad encoder and so forth

The opposite of the encoder circuit is the decoder circuit

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the following figure shows the keypad encoder or keypad encoder circuit

There are actually many types of key encoders but the simplest and easiest to learn are as follows

what is encoder

working principle of key encoder

A simple example of using a key encoder is on a calculator

The key encoder circuit consists of various but the simplest encoder is as above

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The key encoder circuit in the above image will encode a 10-lane switch into 4 binary paths

so the above circuit can save the path used

Here is the encoder truth table above

encoder truth table

the key encoder circuit as above is often found in the microcontroller circuit

to decode the above code to be like the original then needed decoder circuit

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encoder circuit can be made by using combination of logic gate

A series of logic gates is arranged in such a way that it can encode the input code

in general the encoder circuit has a large number of inputs and has fewer outputs

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An example of a key encoder is on a pc keyboard, on a pc keyboard the entire key is encoded into a specific code and routed through a usb port

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