what is DTMF and how does it work?

what is DTMF?

what is DTMF? How does DTMF work? In this article admin will discuss about what is DTMF and how does it work?

However, you must know first what is DTMF? DTMF is an abbreviation of Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. Called multiple frequencies because in the process dtmf signal using two frequencies are mixed into one so as to produce a new tone

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Dtmf is used on the phone when making a call. After you know about what is DTMF you must know also how does DTMF work

How does DTMF work?

Examples of usage of dtmf signals can be found on the keypad of the phone where on the phone keypad there is a set of buttons that will send DTMF signal when pressed

Look at the picture below

what is dtmf

dtmf tones on the phone keypad are 8 pitches consisting of 4 low frequency and 4 high frequency

On the dtmf phone in the 4×4 matrix button where the low frequency is placed on the line while the high frequency is placed on the column

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when you press the number keys then two tones will appear in accordance with the location of the button you press

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how DTMF works

dtmf signal sender consists of oscillator which amounts to 8 pieces. Each oscillator generates a frequency independently

The frequency is then transmitted through a circuit called a DTMF sender

how does dtmf work

To receive a DTMF signal a DTMF receiver is required.

the dtmf receiver part is more complicated than the sender dtmf where the receiver dtmf consists of 8 pieces filter which each filter function to filter one frequency

There is now an integrated chip that can function as a sender or receiver dtmf and then the output is converted into binary form

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Example Ic used to convert dtmf to binary is ic KT 3170. IC KT 3170 is a special IC designed as receiver DTMF

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Such ICs are often used in digital circuits controlling electrical appliances via telephone lines

It is thus an article on understanding and how DTMF works. Please also read my article also how does clock work in digital circuits

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