what is amplifier and how does it work?

what is amplifier?

Today’s amplifiers are no longer strange equipment. Do you know what is amplifier? How does amplifier work?

The amplifier is an electronic equipment that serves to amplify the audio signal. All electronics equipment that uses loudspeakers must use amplifiers

By using a small power input amplifier can be strengthened so as to produce great power

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Here are the definition and function of the amplifier

Well that’s the amplifier function

what is amplifier

After you know what is amplifier then you must know also how does amplifier work?

how does amplifier work?

the core of the amplifier function is to amplify the sound or audio signal so that it can be heard through the Loudspeakers

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why need an amplifier?

If you play a song from your phone and connect directly to the loudspeaker then the sound that comes out is very small

Well now try to connect to the speakers active than the small voice that was going to be big so it can be heard through a large loudspeaker also

how does amplifier work

the types of amplifiers

The amplifier consists of two types namely the mono amplifier and the stereo amplifier

a mono amplifier is an amplifier that can only amplify the one-way signal. This amplifier has only one input and output line

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a stereo amplifier is an amplifier capable of amplifying two audio lines L and R. This type of amplifier has 2 channels separately. It has 2 inputs and 2 outputs

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components of the amplifier compiler

As for the components of the compilers of amplifiers are as follows

– Transformer

the transformer is the main power source in the amplifier circuit. The transformer serves to lower the voltage of 220VAC into a voltage corresponding to the voltage required by the amplifier

ct transformer

most amplifiers now use a symmetrical power supply. Read the symmetric power supply circuit

To produce a large amplifier power amplifier must be supplied with a large power source as well

the amplifier uses a symmetrical dc power supply consisting of positive voltage, neutral voltage, and negative voltage

– elco (electrolyte condensator)

Elco serves to filter the electric current that initially wavy to be flat

Elko also affects the bass sound of the amplifier. The greater the elko the better the sound produced

– transistor

Sanken is a type of transistor devoted to power amplifier

Sound quality is generated by this component

Each amplifier using at least 2 Sanken can also be added to 4 Sanken or 6 Sanken (which is important even)

In addition, because Sanken is the component that works hardest among other components, therefore, Sanken must be paired with cooling plate and added fan to drain the air out

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– tone control

Tone control is a series that serves to set the tone

With tone control, the bass, middle, treble sound can be set as desired. To increase the effect of stronger bass and treble an amplifier can also be added to galaxy circuit can also with equalizer

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