over voltage protection circuit

over voltage protection circuit. A voltage overload protection circuit or a series of over voltage protection is a simple electronic circuit that can be utilized to secure equipment due to excessive electrical voltage so as to prevent damage

This safety circuit This time can secure a series of electronics pal that uses 12VDC voltage

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over voltage protection circuit

Over voltage circuit in this article uses 12V main component of relay

On the relay there are two contacts that normally open contact (NO) and normally close (NC)

Normally close is a relay contact connected to the output even if the relay is in unused condition

Whereas normally open is a relay contact that is connected to the output when the relay is going

When the relay is not working, the output relay will be tied to the pin normally close

when the relay is working, then the output will be connected with pin normally open

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The scheme of voltage overload circuit is as follows

over voltage protection circuit

220 ohm resistor serves to inhibit electric current then that when input voltage is 12V then the relay will remain in off condition and relay output will be connected to NC

In this instance the output voltage will be the same as the input voltage

You can set the on / off relay voltage by replacing 220 ohm resistors with near values

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When the input voltage rises ag 15VDC to the relay will love this will hit the relay output will be connected to the pin NO and will decide the voltage output

Red LED is a red led that serves as an indicator when the normal input voltage while the green LED serves as an indicator when there is over voltage

See the picture

over voltage protection circuit

The over voltage protection circuit above will stop up the circuit of your electronics using 12VDC voltage

If you is dashing to use it at 12VAC voltage then you should put in the bridge diode circuit along with an echo on the relay

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The substance of the above circuit is when there is over voltage or excess voltage then the output will be interrupted so that the electronic circuit remains safe

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So the article around the circuit of over voltage protection circuit

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