understanding phase neutral and ground cables

understanding phase neutral and ground cables. In electrical installation you will mind to neutral and ground phase terms. The three paths have their several functions

Therefore, to avoid things that are not desired, you must first recognize the function of each of the neutral and the ground phase cable

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understanding phase neutral and ground cables

What is phase cable? What is neural cable? What is ground cable? And what is their functions

You should know about that. So that electrical appliances can work optimally then neutral and ground phase lines must be met appropriately

Look at the following picture a PC plug with phase (L), neutral (N), ground (E)

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understanding phase neutral and ground cables

The above plug is a PC plug which is in use 3 pieces of cable that is neutral and ground phase cable

By applying the plug as above, then the PC will be protected from electrical leakage

As for the significance of phase neutral and ground are as follows

Phase line

the phase cable is a voltage line containing voltage. if your test phase cab cable using tespen then tespen lamp will light up

This phase cable causes electrical shock when we accidentally or accidentally touch it

The phase cable symbolizes the sinusoidal symbol “~”

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Neutral line

Neutral or neutral line is the return route for the flow of electricity to return to its source. If you puts the tespen on a neutral path, then the tespen will not on

Neutral wires are applied as reference voltage 0 voltage. At the neutral cable, power plant is tied in to the ground

Ground line

A ground line is a cable that acts as a safety in the event of an electrical current leak. The ground path is a non-voltage track. Any electrical appliances with metal or metallic ironwork are required to put in the ground as a safety

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Examples of grounded electrical appliances are refrigerators, water pumps, PCs or computers, and many others

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Usually by the manufacturer the above equipment is linked up by using a grounded plug

The ground path is connected to ground with a resistance of less than 5 ohm. The smaller the resistance the better the answers obtained

so the article about understanding phase neutral and ground cables. Please also automatic fuse circuit using light bulb


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