simple transformerless power supply circuit

what is transformerless power supply circuit?

power supply without transformer power or commonly referred to as transformerless power supply circuit is a type of adapter which does not use the transformer as in the power supply in general

most power supplies uses a transformer as a voltage-lowering. That is to lower the voltage of AC 220 to the appropriate voltage for the required equipment

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In this article, admin will share about making 12V power supply without transformer or commonly referred to as transformerless power supply circuit

If you create a power supply using a transformer then, of course, must spend a fairly expensive

Well this time you can make a power supply without transformer by using simple components. Keep in mind that  all components in this circuit is hot conditions (can be shocked if touched)

the transformerless power supply can be used to provide power supply to the led circuit for decoration, automatic light, 12V battery charger, or another circuit wherein operation not to be touched

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as for how to make 12V power supply circuit without transformer is as follows

making a 12V power supply without a transformer

The following power supply circuit can be met in automatic light circuit, 12V led light, 12V flashlight and so forth

The following power supply circuit without transformer so there is no isolation between the AC 220V voltage with the output voltage so that all components in this circuit are in HOT or causing an electric shock

transformerless power supply circuit

The components used to make a transformerless power supply circuit are as follows

  • R1 ……………… 470K
  • R2 ………………. 10R (2W)
  • R3 ………………. 100R
  • C1 ………………. 470nF / 400V
  • C2 ………………. 470uF / 250V elko
  • C3 ………………. 1000uF / 50V
  • D1-D5 ………….. 1N4007
  • Zener ………….. 12V

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transformerless power supply schematic diagram

To create a 12V DC power supply without transformer can compile the following components

power supply without transformer

In simple transformerless power supply circuit circuit above 4 pieces diode serves as a bridge diode serves as a full wave rectifier

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The C1 function is to minimize the 220V AC voltage and the function of R1 is to discharge the charge on C1 when the device is removed from the plug

After going through a series of resistors, the zener diode and the voltage capacitor out at the output are 12VDC HOT

The power supply without transformer above circuit can reduce the ac voltage of 220 VAC to 12 VDC

The above circuit is quite simple but has a disadvantage that all parts of the power supply above will shock if touched so you should be careful

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To provide additional security you can add a fuse to the 220V input section

The above circuit can also use as a 12v standby power supply

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