simple traffic light using 555 and 4017

A series of simple traffic lights. To create a simple traffic light you only need 2 pieces of the main components of the IC that is 4017 and IC NE 555. In this article admin will share the scheme of traffic lights that you can make your own and also discuss about how the traffic light works

The series of traffic lights is a series of lights arranged in such a way that the lamps can turn on and off automatically in turn

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traffic lights have 3 pieces of light with different colors each colored red, yellow, and green

how the traffic light works

simple traffic light

Actually the working principle of traffic light is very simple. the clock source is generated by the IC NE 555. Pin 3 IC NE 555 will produce a square wave which then the box wave will be fed on IC NE 555

the core function of IC NE 555 is as frequency generator or frequency generator

Meanwhile, IC 4017 is used to shift the output pin so it will turn on alternately

IC 4017 is a series 4000 IC that is often used in a series of lights running

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The output of IC 4017 is that the lamp will be turned on alternately so that the red, green, and blue lights will be rotated alternately

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make a simple traffic light

the following set of traffic lights requires a 12VDC voltage source. so ascertained the source voltage is DC current and not AC

Read the AC and DC current difference

to make a simple traffic light you can use the components in the schematic drawing of the traffic light circuit below

The scheme of simple traffic light circuit is as follows

how the traffic light works

please note if the number of LEDs used quite a lot then you need to add a transistor on the leg of IC 4017 output to amplify the current

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To adjust the speed of your can measure the capacitor C 10 uF with a larger size or smaller

if capacitor capacities value is enlarged then the speed of lamp replacement will be slower and vice versa if the capacity is reduced then the speed of change lamp will be faster

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