touch switch circuit using IC 555

touch switch circuit using IC 555. In the previous post I was explained the simple touch switch circuit using 1 transistor. In this post I will explain about making touch switch using 555. What is the benefit on this circuit?

In the circuit before the output power is still small because only able to control the LED lights. If you have not read it please read on the article series of a a simple touch switch 1 transistor

In this post will share how to make a simple touch switch circuit using IC 555 where this series has been able to turn on the relay which then you can connecting it to the lamp output

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how to make simple touch switch circuit using IC 555

the following touch switch circuit uses the main component of IC ne 555 as main component

Ic ne 555 has a very high input sensitivity that will be active only by touching it. the input pin of the circuit is a touch pin that will turn on the output when touched

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The advantages of this touch switch circuit is this time using 12V relays to control the output load so that you can connect it with various types of electrical equipment such as incandescent lamps

the following circuit also uses a transistor as a current amplifier before finally in the relay. The voltage source used is 9 – 12VDC

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The IC 555 touch switch circuit scheme

The scheme of simple touch switch using IC 555 circuit is as follows

simple touch switch circuit using IC 555

Because the circuit uses an inductive component that is relay then the above circuit needs to be given protection to avoid damage by adding D2 diode mounted upside down

The diode function is as a snubber circuit. What is snubber circuit. Please read the snubber series circuit

The amount of power that can be relayed by the relay depends on the relay contact power used

to note is the above touch switch circuit only works when the input gets a touch of the hand, when the touch is released then the output will die

For a series of touch switches that can work on of will admin post on the next article

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