Digital Toggle Switch Using 4013

In this post I will show you how to make toggle switch using 4013. So you can use a push botton as a switch with a 4013. This circuit can be used for switching on/off electronic devices such as lamp, fan, relay etc

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Ic 4013 consist of 2 sets of D flip flop, You can use either a flip flop or both. Read What Is D Flip Flop And How It Works?

What is a toggle?

Toggle is switching from one condition to another in this case is or on of.

This is different from normal switches. On a normal switch if you press the switch the electric current will flow but when you release the switch the electric current will stop flowing. Read definition and types of switches in electronic circuits

By using this circuit you can turn on/off the electrical equipment using only a momentary pulse. Once it is on, it remains on till you press the switch again. If you press the switch once again it will make the circuit become of. Similarly, if the switch is pressed next

4013 Toggle Switch Circuit

To make this circuit you need some electronic components

Component needed

Circuit scheme

4013 toggle switch circuit
basic toggle switch circuit using 4013


This circuit has many functions

  1. Turn on/off electrical equipment using a momentary electric current
  2. can be used to create an asynchronous counter
  3. to divide the square wave frequency into half in a digital circuit
  4. save 1 bit data

The 4013 toggle switch circuit above will work like a general toggle switch

If you only use on of the D flip flop from this IC, the input leg on the unused switch must be connected to ground

You can connect out pin with LED by using 100 ohm resistor

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Combine relay with IC 4013

In the circuit above you have succeeded to turn off the lights with this series. So how do you combine it with a bigger load like a 220V lamp

To make it you need several additional components

– 12 V relay
– a npn transistor. Read What Is a Transistor?
– a resistor
– a diode

So this circuit will turn on/off a relay then the relay will turn on/off the 220V lamp

A transistor is used to amplify an electric current before entering the relay. Meanwhile a diode is used as a snubber circuit

Thank you, I hope the explanation above about  cmos 4013 toggle switch circuit is useful for you

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