theory of electrons

In this article the admin will discuss about the theory of electrons. Previously you must know what is electron? what is proton, what is neutron? And what is the atom?

To make it easier to understand the understanding of protons, electrons, and neutrons then you must know in advance whether the atom

what is the atom (proton, electron, and neutron)?

Suppose my friend took an object suppose a chalk. Then of course with a knife pal can cut the chalk had become several parts

the chipped parts of the lime will have a size smaller than the previous size

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Well if my friend cut again the lime part then my friend will get a smaller size again

If my friend continues to cut the chalk portion then my pal will be that the chalk will turn into a very small particle that can barely be seen with the naked eye without the help of a microscope

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Well the part is called a molecule. Well until the molecule was still divisible again until one day can not be divided again and the partlahlah called atom

So atoms are the smallest part of an object that can not be divided again

With a little description then my friend already knows what the understanding of the atom. Next you need to know about the parts of the atom

the parts of the atom

On an atom there exists an atomic nucleus composed of protons and neutrons as well as the electrons that surround the atomic nucleus

Look the picture

what is proton, what is elektron, what is neutron

protons are particles of positively charged atoms, neutrons are particles of atoms (neutral), while electrons are particles of atoms that are not charged

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positive and negative charges

Because an atom can be positively or negatively charged like friction or other causes

because the location of the electrons are on the outside then the electrons are easily moved or apart from an atom to another atom

An atom is said to be positively charged when the atom releases a number of electrons

Likewise, an atom is said to be negatively charged if it accepts a number of electrons from other atoms

If between 2 different atoms the charge is connected through a conductor there will be a flow of electrons from the negative pole to the positive pole

So basically the flow is the flow of electrons from a negative atom to a position atom and not vice versa

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But in everyday life we ​​use the term electric current that flows from the positive pole toward the negative pole

So little explanation about the theory of electrons

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