definition and types of switches in electronic circuits

What is a switch? the switch is an electronic component that allow electric current and the switch is said to be on or off condition, when disconnected the electricity will be disconnected and the switch is said to be off condition

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The types of switches in the electronic circuit itself consist of several kinds. The following understanding and the types of switches and their function

Types of switches based on how to press the switch

Push button switch

Push button switch is a type of switch that connects electricity only when pressed only and after being released it returns to position example of this type of switch is on the motorcycle horn and on the starter switch

Toggle switch

This Toggle switch connects or decides the current by moving the existing toggle / lever mechanically

The way the toogle switch works is when the switch is pressed then the switch the electric current will flow and when released the switch can still flow electric current

And only when the switch is pressed again will the switch disconnect the electricity

The point is if you want to change the condition on / off on the switch then you have to do emphasis

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Selector switch

This selector switch provides several on and off conditions, there are two, three, four even more position options, with various shear or swivel

types We can find this type of switch on turn signal motorcycle

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Types of switches on electronic circuits based on the direction and number of terminals

SPST : Single Pole Single Throw

SPST switch is the simplest on / off switch by only having 2 Terminals Example Electric Switch ON / OFF on

SPST Switch symbol

The types of switches

SPDT: Single Pole Double Throw

that is switched on the Switch which has 3 Terminals. This type of switch has 1 input and 2 outputs. This type of switch can be used as a Selector Switch

Switch symbol

SPDT switch

Example SPD switch is an Adapter Input Voltage selector switch that is 110V or 220V and turn signal switch on a motorcycle

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DPST: Double Pole Single Throw

switch dpst is a switch that has 4 terminals. DPST can be interpreted as 2 SPST switches controlled in one mechanism

Switch symbol

DPST switch

DPDT: Double Pole Double Throw

dpdt switch is a switch that has 6 Terminals. DPDT can be interpreted as 2 SPDT switches controlled in one mechanism

Switch symbols

DPDT Switch

Rotary switch

Rotary switches are almost the same as the selector switch. Examples of this type of switch are commonly found in Adapter Circuits which can choose various Output Voltage from 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 9V and 12V

Rotary switch symbol

rotary switch

Thus the article about understanding and types of switches in electronic circuits

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