what is subtractor and how does it work?

what is subtractor circuit?

In the previous post I explained about Adder Circuit, In this post I will explain about the reversion of adder circuit. What does it is? It is a subtractor. Did you knew it? What is the meaning about subtractor circuit? what are the functions and types of subtractor circuit? Read this post

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The subtractor circuit is a series of arrangements of some logic gates arranged in such a way so that it can perform the subtraction operation of binary numbers

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So the point of a subtractor circuit function is to perform a subtraction operation on a binary number no more

After you know about the understanding of the subtractor circuit and the subtractor circuit function then the next you need to know also the types of subtractor circuit

types of subtractor circuit

The Subtractor circuit consists of several types

The types of subtractor circuit are as follows

  • Half subtractor circuit
  • Full subtractor circuit
  • Parallel subtractor circuit

The Half subtractor circuit

The half subtractor circuit is the simplest of the Subtractor series

Basically the half subtractor circuit is a modified half-adder circuit by adding the notes gate

A half subtractor circuit can be constructed from a gate and, Xor gate, and notes gate

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In the series of subtractor pin B functions as Borrow is to borrow bits if the bit is subtracted smaller than the deductible bit

As in the mathematical calculation in general if the number is subtracted smaller than the deduction number then we need to borrow so that operation can be run

Here’s the Half subtractor circuit

how does subtractor work

The half Subtractor series has its drawbacks. The short circuit half subtractor is only able to perform a reduction operation with a capacity of 1 bit and the absence of a Bin pin

But the lack of half subtractor will be overcome by full subtractor circuit

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Full Subtractor circuit

As in the full adder series in the previous post. In the Full subtractor circuit the Bout pin is connected to the previous Bin pin and the Bin pin is connected to the Bout pin in the next series so on

what is subtractor and how does itu work

The above circuit form a series of full subtractor 1 bit

To make a subtractor circuit more than 1 bit can be done by parallelizing some subtractor circuit

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Parallel Subtractor Circuits

Subtractor parallel circuit is formed from several series of full subtractor

A full subtractor circuit will form a deduction circuit with a 1 bit capacity

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just like the parallel row of Adder in the previous post

Using 4 full subtractor circuits will form a 4-bit subtractor circuit

Likewise with 5 pieces Full Subtractor series it will form a series of 5 bit Subtractor and so on

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