speaker working principle

what is speaker?

speaker working principle. What is speaker? Speaker or loud Speaker is an electronic component that serves to convert electrical energy into sound energy

what is a speaker?

Before discussing how speaker works please note that the sound is generated by a vibrating object and the vibration propagates through the air and then into our ears so that it can be heard

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The stronger the vibration (the stronger the amplitude) the louder the sound is heard. The number of vibrations per second is called the frequency

The more the number of vibrations per second the higher the frequency

The unit of frequency is expressed in Hz. According to the use of frequency, loudspeakers are read into several kinds of loudspeaker types, the way the loudspeakers are the same is to convert electrical energy into sound energy or sound

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speaker working principle and the types of speakers

In general, speakers are divided into several types as for the types of Loudspeakers are follow

1. Speaker bass for low tone

Bass speakers are a type of loudspeaker that serves to release a bass or low tone. Speakers of this type has the largest size

The working principle of this type of loudspeaker is only to issue a bass tone while treble tones or high notes are not sensitive to this type of loudspeaker

bass speaker


2. Middle Speaker for sound or vocals

The middle speakers function to make a singer’s vocal sound. the workings of this loudspeaker will only sound the singer or any other tone besides the bass and treble tones

middle speaker


3. Treble speakers for high tone

Treble speakers function to produce a high-pitched sound. Speaker of this type is also called tweeters

treble speaker


the working principle of the three types of speakers on the way it works is the same is to change the electrical vibrations into vibrations of sound that propagate into the air

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the parts of speakers

The Loudspeaker parts are as follows

  • A circular magnet
  • The core of magnetic iron
  • Spell
  • Membrane

On the loudspeaker, there is a circular magnet with an iron core in it. At the iron core, there is a spool. Spell is a circular wire winding

The membrane serves to continue and extend the vibrations originating from the spool

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how a speaker works?

How speaker works?. Keep in mind that electric current can cause magnetic field

If the electric current flowing is fixed then the resulting magnetic field will be fixed and if the electric current changes the magnetic field generated is also changing

This is one of the advantages of electrical energy can be converted into other energy, in this case, is a magnet

On the loudspeaker, the electric current enters the spool. When electrified there will be a change of magnetic field in the spool region

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Changes Magnetic field was reinforced by the plate around the spool

As a result, will result in a repulsive force or tensile force between the spool and the main magnet that is round-shaped depending on the current condition because the current that flows is the AC current

Then the plate will move back and forth in accordance with the received current

The plate also vibrates the loudspeaker membrane/diaphragm as a result then the speaker goes off

So an article about speaker working principle. I suggest you read other articles about definition and function of the amplifier


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