simple snubber circuit

what is snubber circuit?

Do you know what is snubber circuit and how does snubber circuit work? Snubber circuit is a safety circuit of electronics devices against induction loads such as relays, electric motors and so forth

The snubber circuit function is as a safety that prevents induced damage. In this article will discuss about what is snubber circuit and how does snubber circuit work

The Snubber circuit is very important because the Snubber circuit will secure electronic components from power supply surges especially for perishable components such as transistors and ic

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simple snubber circuit components

Simple Snubber circuits can be created using only a diode

Snubber circuits with diodes are commonly encountered in electronic circuits using relays or inductor

how does snubber circuit work?

As we know that when through the electric current diode can only flow from the anode to the cathode. The flow is called advanced progress

The electric current that flows the opposite from the cathode to the anode is called the reverse bias

If a diode or other semiconductor component is exposed to reverse bias then over time the component will be damaged

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Reverse bias In electronics circuits will appear mainly in circuits that use relays or inductors

the reverse bias current occurs when the termination of the relay or inductor with the resource occurs

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The reverse bias currents will flow in opposite directions, which may damage semiconductor components or polarity components. You need to know also that the reverse bias voltage is very high

How the Snubber circuit works is to dispose of the down-stream so that other electronic components avoid damage

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How to prevent reverse bias current with Snubber circuit

To prevent the electronic components from being damaged against the reverse bias current a snubber circuit is used

The simplest Snubber circuit can be constructed by using a diode with the cathode foot on the positive pole and the anode foot on the negative pole

gambah below shows a series of simple snubber that we often encounter on a relay

what is snubber circuit and how does snubber circuit work
simple snubber circuit

The diode in the above circuit serves to absorb or dampen the downward bias flow so as not to damage the component

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When the reverse bias current occurs then the current will flow directly through the diode

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