simple variable power supply circuit

make a simple variable power supply circuit. the power supply is a series of electronics that function as a current source. Often the kind of power supply that my friend often encounters in daily life is a power supply with a single voltage

Example 12V power supply only has 12V output voltage only, 9V power supply only has 9V output voltage only. If you cause a circuit that uses 5V voltage then of course the power supply cannot be used for the circuit

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In this article admin will be sharing about how to create a series of variable power supply which is able to issue apart from 0-12V DC that can be employed for various purposes

make a simple variable power supply circuit

The simple variable power supply circuit is nearly similar to ordinary power supply circuit, variable power supply using transformer, diode, Elco like ordinary power supply

It’s simply to make the variable voltage added transistor As well as a potentiometer

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The potentiometer function is to conform the output voltage that will enter the base of the transistor, while the transistor will amplify the voltage and remove it through the emitter leg

When the circuit is working, the transistor body will be slightly warmed by the reason that your friend is required to install the cooling plate

To evaluate the output voltage you are required to install the voltmeter at the output

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the scheme of simple variable power supply circuit

You can produce a variable power supply circuit like the following picture

simple variable power supply circuit

The above power supply circuit can be employed for a variety of things, for example, if my friend made the circuit using IC TTL you can set the output voltage to 5V, if my friend use MOS IC you can set the voltage to 9V or 12V, and many other function

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Th eabove circuit can also relate to the battery or battery to obtain a variable voltage.tage. So that will get the battery voltage from 0-12VDC

 If my acquaintance has an idea to install on the battery, then the circuit scheme is as follows

simple variable power supply circuit

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