simple touch switch circuit 1 transistor

Make a simple touch switch circuit. Switch is a component that serves to connect and disconnect the electrical current in a circuit

By using a switch you can turn on or turn off an electronic device

In general, the switch can be set on / off by pressed or rotate it but in this article I will share a series of switch that can on / off equipment just by touch only using your hand

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The series of touch switch is a series of electronics that can power appliances by touch

The electric current will be on the touch only while when the touch is released the electric current will stop flowing

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how the touch switch circuit works

The touch switch circuit uses the main component of the transistor that serves to amplify the electric current through the base leg and is ejected through the collector’s leg

For this series we use single transistor only because it is enough when used to turn on a led

For an article on how transistors can work read on transistor circuit articles as current amplifiers and switches

As for how the work of the touch switch circuit is when you touches the input of the circuit then the electric charge will flow from the body of the friend to the base of the base of the transistor which will be further amplified by the transistor

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a simple touch switch circuit scheme

as for the schematics for a simple touch switch circuit is as follows

a simple touch switch circuit 1 transistor
a simple touch switch circuit schematics

in the above circuit if you did not find the transistor for the type BC 547 you can replace it with transistor C945, C828, or transistor like the type of NPN

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The working voltage of the circuit is 9 VDC. But if you use the voltage below 9V then the gain will be slightly smaller but it is not a problem

The resistor function in the above touch switch circuit is to inhibit electric current or to prevent the LED so as not to break

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With a simple touch switch circuit 1 transistor above you can light the LED just by touching it, when the touch bud off then the LED light will die

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