create a simple automatic lamp

create a simple automatic lamp circuit. In this post I will show you about how to create simple automatic lamp. The main component in this circuit used LDR (light dependent resistor) as a sensor

Ldr is a type of resistor whose value of resistance will change according to the intensity of the light it receives

In dark conditions obstacles ldr will reach 1M whereas in bright conditions ldr barriers are only a few hundred ohms only

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Well the properties of course we can use to create a simple automatic lamp. The automatic light circuit uses the ldr core component

Here’s the physical form of ldr

create a simple automatic lamp

have you ever met the lights on the street?

The lights work automatically, the lights will blend in on during dark conditions and will be off when the conditions are bright

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In this clause we will learn to make the simplest automatic lamp

We can make simple automatic lamps with LDR, transistor, and other easily accessible components in the marketplace

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the components needed to create a simple automatic lamp

  • a LDR. LDR is the primary sensor in the automatic light circuit. LDR is used to see whether light conditions are light or dark
  • a transistor. Transistors are used to magnify the current so as to move the relay
  • a relay. The relay is used as a magnetic switch connected to the warhead
  • some resistors
  • 12V DC power supply added

Automatic light circuit scheme

The circuit that we will create is very simple following the circuit scheme

create a simple automatic lamp

How the automatic light circuit works

When the bright light conditions LDR resistance will be slightly so that the electric current coming through RV1 in the circuit will flow to earth

The current of electricity to the ground will make the base foot on the transistor to be off so that the transistor was off so that the relay is also off and the light will die

When the dark conditions LDR resistance becomes larger so that the electric flow that flows to ground through RV1 is very small

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This will make most of the electric current will be rooted to the base of the transistor base

In conformity with the nature of the NPN transistor that if the base foot is given current then the transistor will be on

Because the base foot is flowing current then the transistor will be on and the relay will be alive so the igniter will light up

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To set the sensor sensitivity can be set via RV1 (variable resistor)

So an article about create a simple automatic lamp. Please also read other articles about simple touch switch circuit 1 transistor


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