serial and parallel capacitor circuit

serial and parallel capacitor circuit. Just as the resistor of the condenser or often called a capacitor can also be arranged in serial or parallel

what is a capacitor? please read on article what is capacitor and how does it work?

It can be utilized when my friend did not find a capacitor with a certain value or it could be because my friend has many capacitors and arrange them into one

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Of course by making series and parallel circuit capacitor then my friend can also save cost

serial and parallel capacitor circuit

The shape of the capacitor or condenser is as follows

serial and parallel capacitor circuit
electrolit capasitor

to make series and parallel circuit capacitors and to make maximum results then you need capacitors with the same voltage

Example my friend can assemble 10000 uF / 50V capacitor with capacity of 10000 uF / 50V also

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as for the formula for finding the final capacity value of the series circuit and the parallel capacitor is as follows

the capacitor formula is strung together

An example of a series of series capacitors is as shown below

serial capacitor circuit

Example buddy have capacitor with value 1000uF and 2200uF and buddy wrapping in series then capacitor end capacities value can be calculated as follows

1 / Cn = 1 / C1 + 1 / C2

1 / Cn = 1/1000 + 1/2200

1 / Cn = 22/22000 + 10/22000

1 / Cn = 32/22000

1 / Cn = 8/5500

Cn = 5500/8

Cn = 687.5 uF

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the capacitor formulas are arranged in parallel

An example of a series of parallel capacitors is as shown below

parallel capacitor circuit

Example you have 3 capacitors with value 10000uF, 4700uF, and 6800uF then the end value of the capacitor is

Cn = C1 + C2 + C3

Cn = 10000 + 4700 + 6800

Cn = 21500 uF

By paying attention to the above formula you can conclude that for parallel resistors will be easier to calculate than series resistors. Because on the parallel resistor you just need to sum it up

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Usually a series of parallel resistors are used in amplifiers where 4 pieces or 6 elko pieces are installed in parallel to obtain a large capacity value

so article about serial and parallel capacitor circuit. Please read my friend also how to convert stereo input into mono

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