create a security lock using and gate

create a security lock with and gates. After my friend read about and gate article and so this time we will learn to make security lock with gate and simply. The following security keys are really easy to create. We will learn to create a safety lock on a motorcycle by using logic gates

create a security lock with and gates

The component used to create a security lock is just a switch or two spst switches

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How the security key works

Equally we know that the gate and output only output 1 if all the output is 1, if one input or all inputs are 0 then the output will be 0

Well the nature of the gate and above we can use to create a secret security key that can pairs on a motorcycle

The security key will only work if all switches are on

We can install 2 switches or more, the more the switch then the stronger the security

The following illustrations are gates and

  • When switch 1 off and switch 2 off then light goes out
  • When switch 1 on and switch 2 off lights stay off
  • When switch 1 off and switch 2 on light stay off
  • when switch 1 on and switch 2 on then new light on

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Creating a safety lock on a motorcycle

The above circuit can be applied to the motorcycle mate

The safety switch on the motorcycle can be made by using only 2 pieces of the switch.

the first switch is in the ignition key while the second switch can be hidden in the seat or secret in secret place on your motorcycle

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How to install the safety switch is to find the main line on the cable to the ignition key and we put the switch on the path

Thus though the ignition key is on and the second switch is off then the motorcycle will remain off and can not be in the starter

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That way your motorcycle will be safer when parked and as long as the secret switch in the off condition then the motorcycle will not be turned on

Motorcycles will only be alive if the secret switch is on and the ignition key is on according to the gate and principle

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