make secret switches using rotary switch

make secret switches using rotary switch. The secret switch circuit is a circuit of a particular arrangement in which the switch will be ON if the switch combination is properly arranged. How the secret switch works is when the position is right then the switch will be ON while the wrong switch position will be OFF

Almost the same as previous post which is about security system only this time we will use rotary switch

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Rotary switch is a switch selector commonly used in a series of variable adapters, input selectors on amplifiers and so forth

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rotary switch

rotary switch can be made into a safety switch that is when all switch positions are connected one another so that the electric current can flow and turn on the device

This time series can be pairs on the amplifier or a series of other buddy buddy buddy does not want just anyone can turn on the device

how to make secret switches using rotary switch

As you know, the rotary switch consists of multiple inputs and only one output

Input connected with the output can be selected by rotating the rotary switch

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Buddy can use 2 pieces of rotary switch or more, the more rotary switch that my friend pairs the more secure the series of pal

but my friend need to memorize the position of each rotary switch because if you forget the combination then the buddy can not be turned on

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a secret switch circuit

examples of secret switch circuits using a rotary switch are as follows

make secret switches using rotary switch

The IN point in the image above is the connection of the resource, while the OUT point can be connected to the device part

Meanwhile the ground part is connected directly

how the secret switch works

The workings of the secret switch are very simple. To be able to turn on the device then the rotary switch position should be the same according to the code you created

If any one of the switches does not match the instruction then it is certain the circuit will not work

the working principle of the secret switch above is essentially the same as the working principle of the gate and that is if any one of the switches is not connected then the circuit will be extinguished

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