running LED using 4017

how to make a simple running led circuit

4017 running led circuit. Have you seen the running led. Yes a running led consisting of a series of led lining and turns alternately so as to give the impression of walking or running. Don’t worry on this article I’ll discuss about how to make a running led using 4017 cmos

Did you know that you can make the lights run with simple components using 2 pieces ic

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At this time the admin will share how to create a running light using ic 4017 and ic 555

how to make a running led using 4017?

The main component used to make a simple running led circuit is 4017 as a decimal and ic 555 as the source of clock

Ic 4017 is a CMOS which has 10 output outputs that can be connected to the led

When given clock then the output pin of ic 4017 will shift the logic from Q0 to Q9 in sequence

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Here’s the picture and function of each pin ic 4017

running led using 4017, 4017 running led circuit

Before making a running led using 4017 you must know the functions of each pin of IC 4017

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The function of each pin is as follows

  • Pin1 As Output 5
  • Pin2 As Output output sequence 1
  • Pin3 As Output 0
  • Pin4 As Output 2
  • Pin5 As Output 6
  • Pin6 As Output 7
  • Pin8 As ground or negative voltase
  • Pin 9 As Output 8
  • Pin10 As Output 4
  • Pin11 As Output 9
  • Pin12  As Carry Out. The function of carry out is to add the number of outputs to the next IC. This is enabled if we want to increase the number of output more than 10 outputs. The trick is to connect the Carry Out pin connected to reset pin ic 4017 next
  • Pin13 As Clock Enable. As the name implies the function of Clock Enable is to activate the clock path to IC 4017 if given a negative voltage. But if you give positive voltage then clock that run will be paused
  • Pin14 As Clock Input. Its function as input clock and clcok usually made using IC NE 555
  • Pin15 As Reset. As the name implies the reset function itself is to reset the work of this IC 4017 so that the logic shift in the IC 4017 output will start again from the output of 0
  • Pin16 As VCC. Pin Vcc functions As Positive voltage input. IC 4017 16 will work if fed input voltage between +3 Volt DC to +15 Volt DC

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4017 running led circuit scheme

Here is the 4017 running led circuit scheme. This circuit need an 555 as clock generator

simple running led circuit using 4017
You can use the series of above running lights for home decoration. If you want to use a more LED you must use transistors

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