RS flip-flop | definition and working principle

What is RS flip-flop?

the working principle of RS flip-flop. In the previous post I discussed about the definition and types of flip-flop. One type of flip-flop is RS flip-flop so in this article I will discuss about RS flip-flop such as how does RS flip-flop work, how to make RS flip-flop using nand gate and so on

Do you know what is RS flip-flop? The RS flip-flop is a digital circuit that function is to store binary numbers temporarily as long as the current source is unbroken

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when the current is interrupted the data stored on the flip-flop will be lost

In this article the admin focuses on RS flip-flop that is about the working principle of RS flip-flop

Need you know Flip-flops can be created by arranging 2 logical gates nand or nor in such a way as to store binary number bits

The way the flip-flop RS is saving bits via the set (S) button and resetting the bits via the reset button (R)

How to make RS flip-flop using nand gates?

in this article I will show you how to make RS flip-flop using nand gates so must read also article nand logic gate

After that you can making a RS flip-flop using nand gates. The nand gate simbol is as follow

what is rs flip-flop, rs flip-flop using nand gates
nand gate’s symbol

Before creating a flip-flop circuit you must first understand how the nand gate works

The nand gate will output 0 if any input is worth 1

The nand gate latch circuit

The following circuit is the core circuit of RS flip-flop. RS flip-flop can be made by arranging 2 nand gates or often called Nand Gate Latch

  1. how does nand gate latch circuit work, how does rs flip-flop work
    image source Wikipedia

The nand gate latch is the base of the flip-flop. The functions of each on the above is as follows

  • Pin S. pin S function to set the value of Q from 0 to 1 (the process of entering data)
  • Pin R. Pin R function to reset the value of Q from 1 to 0 (data deletion process)
  • Pin Q. Pin Q is the output pin of Q ‘.
  • Pin Q’ is a complementary output pin that always contradicts the Q value

how nand gate latch works

The workings of nand gate latch is quite simple to note is that the input pin must remain given conditions such as condition 1 or 0

If you use a switch then you can outsmart by connecting input with negative terminal through 1K resistor (pull down)

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when the switch is removed then the input condition will log 0 and when the switch is pressed will log 1

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Here’s the pull down resistor scheme. The red wire signifies logic 1 while the purple cable signifies the logic 0

rs flip-flop working principle

When the switch is not pressed then the output will be connected with negative voltage (logic 0)

prinsip kerja RS flip-flop

Furthermore the above output can be connected to the input nand gate Latch or on any input digital circuit

How does RS flip-flop work?

The figure below shows the RS flip-flop circuit with clock as for Clock function is to block or allow signal to enter on pin R and S

how does flip-flop work
rs flip-flop with clock

How the RS flip-flop works on the image above the input data will work when the clock signal is logic 1

If the clock signal logic 0 then the data entered on the pins R and S will be disabled or blocked

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The working principle of RS flip-flop

In RS flip-flop will happen some conditions as follows

  • RS = 0 0. this means no trigger is applied in this case the output value Q retains the last value it has for example the previous Q is a value of 0 then the value of Q will be 0 second
  • RS= 0 1. This means a trigger is applied to the input S. this results in flip-flop sets the Q value to 1-third
  • RS = 1 0. This means a trigger is applied to input R. This causes the flip-flop to reset and change the output value Q to 0 to 4
  • RS = 1 1. This condition is a forbidden condition or indetermined. This condition means applying triggers on both enter S and R at the same time. This is a contradiction because it implies that we seek to obtain Q output simultaneously equal to 1 and equals 0. This is tantamount to stepping on the accelerator and stepping on the brake pedal (unreasonable).

Therefore this is prohibited. But in fact flip-flop RS is not so used because there are other flip-flop that has better properties than RS flip-flop. Read on the article the working principle of D flip-flop

So the article on the working principle of RS flip-flop

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