what is ring counter and how does it work?

what is ring counter?

do you know what is ring counter register? How does ring counter work? actually a ring counter counter register is a SIPO register (serial input parallel output) modified by connecting the last flip-flop output with the initial input of the flip-flop

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In the ring counter because of the output data is connected to the input so the input data will continue to spin during the clock

The faster the clock frequency the faster the data rotation on the flip-flop

Each clock on the ring counter will shift the input to the next flip-flop

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how does ring counter work?

shift register type ring can be made using D flip-flop or JK flip-flop. For an article about what flip-flop please read what is flip-flop and how does it work?

to understand how ring counter works you can look at the following ring counter scheme

what is ring counter and how does ring counter work

In the ring counter image above shows that the last flip-flop output is connected to the first flip-flop input

If the previous Flip-flop has been filled with data then the data will shift and spin when given a clock

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Ring counter will work If previously flip-flop has been filled with data. If the flip-flop is not filled with data then you will not see changes in the output

Another example is if one of the flip-flop outputs is logic 1 then when clocked logic outputs one will shift to all the flip-flop

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To make it easier to fill data in shift register ring counter pal can use pin set to fill and reset pin to delete data

With attention to the above explanation then my friend can conclude that one of the shortcomings of the ring counter is to fill data on the flip-flop first

The ring counter counter register can be modified into a Johnson counter so there is no need to fill in the data first

One example of a Johnson counter is on IC 4017 where the IC will shift logic 1 to all IC outputs

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