How to prevent heat on the transistor

transistors are active components of semiconductor materials that are often used as amplifiers. Transistors can be met in electronic circuits such as the amplifier circuit, preamp, tone control and so forth. In this article admin will discuss about how to prevent heat on the transistor

how to prevent heat on the transistor?

When the transistor works then the temperature on the transistor body will rise, if it is left then it can damage the transistor

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This time the admin will discuss about how to prevent heat on the transistor

how to prevent heat on the transistors with cooling plates

the maximum temperature allowed on the transistor is 70 degrees Celsius. If the transistor component is at a temperature above 70 then the transistor will be damaged

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Therefore it is necessary how to prevent heat on the transistor. Here is the physical form of transistors commonly used on audio amplifiers

power supply circuit using 2N3055 transistor

audio amplifier transistors are usually metal-shaped and accompanied by a hole that serves to install the transistor on the cooling plate

How to prevent heat on the transistor

The cooling plate serves to discharge the heat of the transistor into the air. Cooling plates are usually accompanied by fins that serve to expand the heat dissipation area so that the heat of the transistor will be more quickly absorbed air

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In the audio amplifier for transistor type TIP 31, TIP 32, TIP 41, TIP 42 has a hole whereas for transistor type 2N3055 and MJ 2955 or commonly called jengkol have two holes and use the insulator plate to provide isolation between the cooling plate with the body transistor

menentukan kaki transistor 2N3055 dan MJ2955

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how to prevent heat on transistors by installing resistors and cooling fans

Another way to reduce the heat on the transistor is to install a resistor on the emittor leg of the transistor. The resistor used is a 5 Watt or more powered resistor. The way is also used on the amplifier

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Usually the amplifier uses a 0.5 ohm resistor with 5 Watt power. Although the resistor has a value of 0.5 ohm resistance but it is very influential on the transistor

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In addition to preventing heat on the transistor you also have to install a cooling fan that works to smooth the air circulation

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