pasif crossover and how does it works

what is crossover circuit?

do you know what is the meaning of crossover series? What are crossover circuit functions? And how does crossover circuit work? In this article the admin will share about creating a simple passive crossover circuit

what is a crossover circuit?

crossover circuit is a series of electronics that serves to separate the audio signal into a signal bass, middle, and treble

crossover circuit consists of 2 types of active crossover circuit and passive crossover circuit. But at this time the admin will discuss about passive crossover circuit only


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how does crossover circuit work?

as described in previous posts about loudspeaker types that the loudspeaker consists of 3 types namely

  • woofer speaker using 200 Hz – 700
  • mid-range speakers using frequencies between 700 Hz – 3 Khz
  • tweeter speakers using frequencies between 3 Khz – 16 kHz

How the crossover works is so simple. The bass crossover circuit will discard the middle and treble notes so that all that is left is just the bass tone

Bass tone is then forwarded to the speaker bass over the woofer speakers. Similarly, for the middle crossover and treble crossover

In the middle of the crossover series will make the bass tone and treble tone so that only left behind the middle tone only. And this middle tone is passed to the middle speaker

In the treble crossover section will remove the bass and middle tones and channel the treble tone to the tweeter

The workings of the crossover series essentially only forward certain tones to the loudspeaker while unneeded tones will be discarded


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By using crossover then the bass audio signal will be focused towards the bass speaker, the middle audio will focus towards the middle speaker and treble audio will go to tweeter

Passive crossover circuit scheme

The actual crossover circuit consists only of the frequency filter circuit. The components used are only windings and capacitors

Here is a passive crossover circuit scheme with a list of components

pasif crossover, what is crossover and how does crossover works

So little explanation about the meaning of crossover and how the crossover work. Please also read my articles also TTL and CMOS logic gate types

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