what is or gate and how does it work?

what is or gate?

Do you what is or gate? If in the previous article has discussed about understanding and the workings of and gate and then in this article the admin Wil share about the or gate and how does or gate work gates because it is also requires another logic gate for example is in the adder or summaries

Logic gate or can be described as a lamp connected to a switch arranged in parallel where If one of the switches or both switches on then the lamp will be along. If both just switch off then the light will off

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how does or gate work?

Look at the following picture

In the picture above will occur some 4 conditions as follows:

  • If switch S1 off and switch S2 off then light will die
  • If switch S1 and switch S2 off then lamp will live
  • If switch S1 off and switch S2 on then lamp stay alive
  • If switch S1 on and switch S2 on then lamp stay alive

Of the 4 events above you can conclude is that if one of the switches along the circuit above that on then the light will be on

Some other example of using Or logic gate can be found on motorcycle brake light. On the motorcycle there are 2 brake switch that is in front and below so that if one switch in front we press by brake then light will illuminate

Besides read the next article about the notion and how the gates work. Similarly, when the switch below, we step along it will light up

Basically the light will light up if either or both of the switches are pressedssed

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That’s how does or gate work
Actually there are many examples of Or logic gates in everyday life

For example on the role of an emergency alarm
The gate is also enabled to ascertain that a circuit is actually connected to a current source

Or Gate Symbol

In digital circuits, logic gate or symbolized like the accompanying picture

The or gate symbol

or gate's symbol
or gate’s symbol

The accompanying table shows the input and output conditions at the gate or at each occurrence

or gate's truth table
or gate’s truth table

At the gate or if there is an Input that is worth 1 then the result ouputnya is 1

Logic or logic gates can cause two or more inputs. For logic gate or with input more than 2 works the same way

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The Gate formula to be the total of all its inputs The Or Gate Formula is Y = A + B

If the gate or to consist of 2 inputs, then the pattern is A + B. If the gate or consists of 3 inputs, then the pattern is A + B + C. So on depends on the number of inputs

So the article about understanding and the workings of or gate. please read my friend also article the definition of multiplexer and demultiplexer


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