what is not gate and how does it work?

what is not gate?

What is not gate? In this article admin will discuss about it so after you read this article you Will know how does not gate work

So what is not gate? Not gate is an inverting logic gate that passes on the output opposite to its input. If the input is logic 1 then the output will logic 0 and vice versa If the input is logic 0 then the output is logic 1

The gate principle is not the same as the negation in mathematics. Unlike other logic gates like gates and and nor, gates not only have 1 input and 1 output

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More about the notion and how the gate notes work is as follows

how does not gate work?

not gate can be imagine as a switch installed as in the picture below. The not gate Will works when the switch is pushed then the light will turn off while the switch is released the light will light

look at the picture bellow

what is not gate and how does not gate work
understanding and the workings of not gate

The above sequence describes the operating principle of the gate notes simply. To use gate not you can use IC type 4069

In the above sequence if the input is given logic 1 then the output will produce a logic value of 0 and vice versa

North gate if coupled with other logic gates, for example, if coupled with gates and will form a NAND gate, if matched with a gate or will form a NOR gate

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In digital circuits the gate is not represented as shown below and has only 2 legs, one input for input and one for output

not gate's symbol
not gate’s symbol

Notes gate symbol

The gate truth table shows the Input and Output conditions under various weather

not gate's truth table
not gate’s truth table

The gate doesn’t provide an opposite value of the input value of the gate also called the invert. The not gate function can be applied to change the type 7 Segment into common anode or cathode

Can also be enabled to change the active series high to active low

the gate not returns an inverse output to the input

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