what is nor gate and how does it work?

what is nor gate?

Do you know what is nor gate? How does nor gate work? Nor gate is a derived logic gate made by combining two logical gates the or gate and not gate so that the resulting production will be inversely proportional to the or gate

How to merge is to add the Not Gate at the or gate output. Because coupled with the gate not the effect of the gate output nor, nor is the opposite of the gate

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In this article the topic that will be admin discussed is understanding and the workings of nor gate

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how does nor gate work?

In the previous discussion admin has discussed more or less Equally for the properties of the gate or on the previous explanation is If there is input value of one then the output will be worth 1. It will happen otherwise if on the nor gate

On the Nor gate, then the opposite happens that if there is an input of one value, then the turnout will be worth 0

In digital circuits gates nor symbolized as the accompanying picture

what is nor gate and how does nor gate work
nor gate symbol’s

How the gate operates

To see how the overall work of logic gate is easier you can simulate by using Proteus software, or if you use android phone then you can use droid tesla app

The normal gate simulation circuit can be constructed as shown below

Switch S1 and S2 as input and lamp as output

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The following truth table shows the input and output of the gate nor with inputs A and B and output Y

understanding and the workings of nor gate
understanding and the workings of nor gate

Nor Gate Formula

To calculate the Output on a nor gate we can practice the formula Y = (A + B)’

If the gate nor has 3 inputs then the formula to calculate it is Y = (A + B + C)’ with C is the third input. If it has 4 inputs, then you can add input D

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The nand and Nor gates are universal logic gates meaning we can construct all other logic gate types using NAND and NOR logic gates

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