what is nand gate and how does it work?

what is nand gate?

If the previous article admin has discussed about and gate, then in this article admin will discuss about the opposite of and gate that is nand gate. So after you read this article you will know what is nand gate and how does nand gate work

the nand gate is opposite of and gate. It says the contrary because the output of the NAND gate is the reverse of the and gate output for all conditions

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how does nand gate work?

NAND gate is a logic gate derivative which is a fusion between the gate and the gate not on the output So that the output in contrast to the output of your gate output

The nand gate symbol is almost the same  as the and gate there is only a small dot on the output. For use NAND gate you can use CMOS type 4011

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besides you also can build it by using the and gate and not gate on digital circuits the NAND gate symbol is drawn as follows

nand gate's symbol
nand gate’s symbol

The nand gate is one of the main components of the flip-flop. In addition to using the flip-flop gate can also be formed using a nor gate

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Thus if both inputs are worth 1 then the output will be worth 0. If one input or both inputs is 0 then the output is 1

The following truth table shows the condition of Input A, Input B and Input Y condition when given

what is band gate? what is nand gate? nand gate truth table
nand gate truth table

output results At the nand gate if any input is 0 then the output will be worth 1

To compute the output of the NAND gate we can use the formula Y = (A.B) ‘

where Y = output, A and B are Inputs, whereas the sign ‘ is the Inverter

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The NAND gate is a universal logic gate meaning we can make all kinds of other logic gates using NAND logic gates

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