Make automatic switch on PC

How to make automatic switch on PC?. Have you wondered about it. In this time I will show you how to make automatic switch on PC. Before you making it you should understand first what is meant by automatic switch in this circuit

Do you often play music via PC and connect it with your amp?

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Or maybe you want your monitor to turn on automatically when you press the power button on your CPU

With this simple trick you can turn on additional accessories on the PC such as power amplifiers, monitors, external charger and so forth

The core of this circuit is you do not need to turn on/off the switch manually when you want to turn on or turn off the PC and deliver audio to an external power amplifier or power supply assemblies or other equipment connected to the pc

This circuit can also be used to turn on and off the PC monitor or other external circuit automatically. Here’s how to make auto accessories switch on PC

how to make automatic switch on PC?

The automatic switch on the PC is made easy for you in turning on the PC’s external equipment

When you turn on the PC then the electric current will flow to the relay and make the relay on so that 220V AC current will flow into the series of external accessories

The control current of the relay (DC input) can be taken from the 12VDC fan path on the pc’s motherboard

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Components needed to make automatic switch on PC

List of components

  • R1 ………….. 100R / 2W
  • D …………….. 1A / 2A
  • Relay 1 …….. 12VDC
  • Relay 2 …….. 220VAC

Here’s a series of automatic accessory switches on pc

make automatic switch on pc
automatic switch circuit

Resistors are used to inhibit the current flowing into the relay and turn on the relay with a minimum relay voltage. The bigger the power the resistor is, the better

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The diode function is as a series Snubber, for the type of diode you can use diodes 1A or 2A

Considering that the PC component consists of so many semiconductor components, the diode function is very important. The above resistor function also helps the snubber circuit

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how the automatic switch circuit works?

when you turn on the CPU, the 12V current automatically sourced from the CPU will flow to relay 1 and make the relay become on so relay 2 will power 220V and then all equipment connected to the relay 2 contact will be on

and when you turn off the pc then automatically the 12V current will stop which will then turn off the relay 2 and make all equipment connected with the relay to be off

Relay 2 function is to strengthen the relay conductivity

benefits of the automatic switch

The benefit of the automatic switch is that you do not need to turn on the pc monitor because the monitor will turn on and off automatically once the cpu is switched on or off

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You can also connect the above circuit with external hard drive power supply, external 5V charger when your cpu is power shortage

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