make an electromagnet

how to make a simple electric magnet. Electrical energy is a universal energy. Electrical energy can be easily converted into other energy

Example In electric energy lamps converted to light energy, another example is on an electric iron where electrical energy is converted to heat energy and many other examples

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Electrical energy can also be converted into magnetic energy. This time the admin will explain how to create a simple electric magnet with easily obtainable components

The process of converting electrical energy into magnetic energy is called an electromagnet. The electromagnet is temporary as long as the electric current flows

how to make an electric magnet

to make an electromagnet you need a power source, a coil, and a nail

Prepare material

Take the bolt and Wrap the wires on the bolts to taste Up to the end in a neat and unidirectional

The more coils the more powerful the magnetic force will be

Once completed Then connect the end of the cable to the battery pole

When an electric current flows, draw a bolt that contains the winding wire above the small spikes then the nail will be interested

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Then when the electric current is disconnected from the current source then the spikes will fall. This shows that when the electric current stops flowing the magnetism properties are also lost


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The above process is called electromagnet that is the change of electrical energy into magnetic energy

make an electromagnet

The more winding the magnetic force obtained will be greater, the greater the current the greater the magnetic force obtained.

The bolt function in the above component is to strengthen the magnetic field generated by coil wire

A good material for making electromagnets is because when the steel breaks and the flow of electric currents magnetic field can change quickly

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In contrast to iron that does not immediately disappear when the electric current is decided

Electromagnets are often used in iron jugs. When the current flows the iron below will be attracted, when the current is broken iron will be released

Electromagnets are also used in school bells in earlier times as well as in telegraph communications devices. Please read buddy also how lightning and thunder are formed?

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