what is a logic gate and how does it work?

logic gates definition

logic gates definition. Before discussing more about logic gate firstly you should know the definition of logic gates. So what is logic gate?

The logic gate is a device consisting of multiple inputs and accepts only one output. Input or output must be either 1 or 0 (binary number)

logic gates definition

Do you know that logic gates are the beginning of the invention of computers

Logic gates when combined will make a sophisticated device such as flip-flops, registers, multiplexers, and even computers

All digital components use logic gates

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Types of Logic Gates

Logic gates consist of various types of basic logic gates and derived logic gates

Basic Logic Gate

The basic logic gate is the gate there are 3 cases

The basic logic gate is included

Gate of Derivative Logic

The derived logic gate is a logic gate composed of several basic logic gates

Of the three gates can be gained again

Nand Gate

The band or not and gate is the outcome of the merger between the notes gate and the gate and

Gate Nor

The nor gate (not or) is the fusion between the notes gate and the or gate

Xor gate

Xor gate or exclusive or is a gate or modified in such a manner that the result is different from gate or

Xnor Gate

Xnor gate is a changed version of the Xor gate coupled with the or gate

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The rule of logic gate is essentially the same as the principle of CONJUNCTION, DISJUNCTION, and NEGATION

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Logic Gate Function

The logic gate function is can be used to make

  • Create a private key. Logic gates can be utilized to create a secret key. A simple model is that it can be placed on motorcycle contactsacts
  • Create a security scheme. Logic gates are utilized to create security systems for example, in emergency alarms
  • Create ALU circuit. ALU or aritmetic logic unit is a series of logic gates that can perform binary number calculation operations. Ordnance had made somewhat of a flip-flop
  • Create shift register
  • Make the encoder circuit. The encoder is a tool employed to convert a particular Input into a binary number
  • Make a decoder circuit. A decoder is a device that serves to convert a binary number to a specific number. Example Binary Decoder to decimal
  • Create a multiplexer circuit
  • Create a demultiplexer circuit

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So an article about logic gates definition. Read also the article about the definition of multiplexer and demultiplexer

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