LM386 amplifier circuit

In the previous post I discussed about amplifier if you have not read it please read in what is an amplifier and how does it work?. In this article I will discuss how to make a LM386 amplifier circuit

Do you know that you can make a simple amplifier using an integrated circuit. In this cause you can using an integrated circuit with type LM386

IC LM 386 is an IC commonly used for simple amplifiers. That it very easy

To make the amplifier circuit using this LM386 IC you need a little extra component

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Before you make a simple amplifier circuit LM 386 you need to know the function of each pin of the IC. You can look the picture bellow

The function of each pin of IC LM 386 is as follows


The picture above is an IC condition seen from above. To make a simple amplifier with the IC you need some supporting components

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schematic of LM386 amplifier circuit

The scheme of amplifier circuit using IC LM 386 is as follows

lm386 amplifier circuit

the above amplifier circuit will work on a 5V-15VDC voltage and will generate power between 3W-5W

If you use an adapter then you can use an adapter with a large current of 1A or 2A. Read the article make a simple adapter

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To adjust the volume you can set it through potentiometer R3

The LM386 simple amplifier circuit above is suitable for audio equipment that you put in the room because it does not require a large enough power

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the advantage of the above circuit is can be used on the nonsymmetrical power supply and easy in manufacture

If you need a tone control you can create your own tone control. Please read in a simple tone control circuit 2 transistors

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