simple joule thief circuit scheme

what is joule thief?

a simple joule thief circuit scheme. Before discussing about the scheme of the simple joule thief circuit, you must know first what is joule thief

Joule thief is a series of electronic circuits  applied to drain power from an electrical source and use it to turn on components that normally cannot be ignited normally

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Before discussing more about the above topic is what is joule thief then the admin will ask first to you

Have you ever connected a 1.5V battery with a Led? If you connect the battery 1.5V with a led the led light will not turn on because the led light requires working voltage between 2.5V to 3V to light up

By using joule thief then you can work on a load even more just by using a 1.5V battery. But you necessitate to know is the power on the battery will quickly run out of the usual because stolen or robbed by joule thief circuit earlier

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a simple joule thief circuit scheme

To make simple joule thief circuit scheme can be built using simple components such as

  • a toroid
  • a 1K resistor
  • NPN type transistor
  • a 1.5V battery
  • a led

The simple joule thief circuit scheme is as follows

a simple joule thief circuit scheme
a simple joule thief circuit scheme

The toroid is a circular ferrite that you can see on a used light, TV, VCD. The function of Toroid is to beef up the electric field produced by the windings contained therein

simple joule thief circuit scheme
a toroid

In the toroid is made two windings of the principal and secondary windings like a transformer with the number of windings both primary and secondary is 20 loops

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The transistor used is a transistor type NPN can use C945 or can also use transistor type TIP 31 or TIP 41

By creating a circuit like the picture above, then you can turn on the LED with a 1.5V battery

If you wanted to increase joule thief power or increase the number of led lamps you can modify the number of windings and replace the transistor with a type of transistor that has a cooling plate such as TIP 31 or TIP 41

What is the case of using joule thief in everyday life?

In everyday life joule thief series can be met in mosquito repellent racket where by using the voltage from 2 pieces of battery can produce voltage up to hundreds or even thousands of volts

The tension can scorch the mosquitoes in an blink of an eye. In accordance with the working principle joule thief power in the battery will be drained massively so that the force will quickly run out

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This is dissimilar from the flashlight where the battery power will last longer because it does not use the principle of joule thief

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