JK flip-flop | definition and working principle

what is JK flip-flop?

The working principle of JK flip-flop. In the previous article I explained about the working principle of RS flip-flop as well as the working principle of D flip-flop. In this time the I will explain about the JK flip-flop definition and the T-flip flip circuit scheme

What is JK flip-flop? The JK flip-flop circuit is actually a modified circuit of a modified Rs flip-flop in such a way that the RS flip-flop truth test results are almost similar to JK flip-flop

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The difference is in JK flip-flop there is no forbidden condition. JK flip-flop has 2 inputs namely input J and input K

The JK flip-flop circuit is the most universal flip-flop circuit because the JK flip-flop has all the other flip-flop properties of both the RS flip-flop and D flip-flop

Another advantage is the JK flip can be converted into a T-flip flop circuit

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How does JK flip-flop work?

Jk flip-flop has 2 inputs J and K and at the output will be reversed to the input channel

JK flip-flop can be made from nand nor nor gate

Basically the JK flip-flop circuit is the development of RS flip-flop and D flip-flop

How to make JK flip-flop using nand gates?

In the following picture we will show the JK flip-flop circuit with the nand gate

jk flip-flop using nand gates, how does jk flip-flop work
jk flip-flop circuit diagram

In the digital circuit the JK flip-flop is symbolized as the following figure

what is jk flip-flop, jk flip-flop working principle

the working principle of JK flip-flop is almost the same as RS flip-flop only the forbidden condition has been removed and under these conditions JK flip-flop can be turned into a flip-flop

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JK flip-flop can be converted into a T-flip flop circuit

In the flip-flop RS when both inputs are 1 is a forbidden condition it is not applied so if the JK flip-flop

In JK flip-flop when both inputs J and K are worth 1 then the flip-flop will change to flip-flop toogle or T flip-flop. So you can making a T flip-flop using JK flip-flop

T flip-flop is a flip-flop that can operate on toogle mode that is flip-flop that will live if given first pulse and will die if given second pulse so on

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The bottom line in the T flip-flop circuit is that the output condition will change state when it is clocked

This flip-flop is used as the main component of the counter circuit

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T flip-flop can be made from JK flip-flop by giving logic 1 on pin J and pin K

The following figure shows the flip-flop T scheme of Jkan logic 1 on inputs J and K (J and K connected to Vcc)

t flip-flop using jk flip-flop
T flip-flop circuit

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