simple inverter circuit using IC 555

simple inverter circuit using IC 555. Do you know what is inverter? How does inverter circuit work? The inverter is a series of electronics used to switch and raise the DC voltage to AC. From the Inverter will produce high voltage then it can be used to turn on 220V lamp

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Equally in the previous posting post about the definition and function of the transformer admin has explained that the transformer can only be used to raise the AC voltage only

Read the article about the definition of AC and DC currents. In this article, I will show you how to make a simple inverter circuit using IC 555

simple inverter circuit using ic 555

a simple inverter circuit using IC 555

IC 555 is a special IC that can be used for timber, multivibrator, clock generator and thus forth

The function of the IC 555 in the inverter circuit is to generate the pulse voltage which will then be inflated by the transistor. For input voltage, you can use DC voltage of 9-12V

The schematic of inverter circuit using IC NE 555 is as follows

how does inverter circuit work

Actually, the function of the inverter has been merely to change the middle DC into AC voltage

The output voltage in the inverter will not exceed the input voltage while the portion that serves to raise the voltage is the transformer

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after you know about the schematic of inverter circuit then you must know how does inverter circuit work

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how does inverter circuit work?

As has admin share in the previous post that transformer only able to induce AC voltage (pulse voltage)

At the DC voltage transformer can not induce therefore used IC 555 to generate a pulse voltage which will then be induced by the transformer

Pin 3 IC NE 555 will produce a positive and negative voltage alternately in the sensation that will generate a pulse voltage. the frequency of the pulse voltage can be adjusted through potentiometer R1

Both transistors will amplify the pulse voltage before finally going into the transformer. Transistor circuits like the picture above are often used in amplifiers today

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Both transistors in the circuit will work interchangeably

When the output voltage is positive then the transistor Q1 will work while the output voltage turns negative then the transistor Q2 will work

The replacement occurs quickly depending on the frequency of IC 555 output

so the article about inverter circuit using IC NE 555. Please read the previous article about simple touch switch circuit 1 transistor


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