how to install TL lamp

how to install TL lamp. At this time admin will share tips about how to install TL lamps. As you have known the TL lamp or commonly named a tube lamp is a lamp where in the light there is a fluid that will light up when electricfied

TL lamp can not be directly linked up to 220VAC voltage. To turn on TL lamps required some others components. For the latest TL lamp models have been using LED technology (light emmiting diode)

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how to install TL lamp

If you are a beginner in electronics, or you want to install TL lamp, admin will gives a tutorial about how to install TL lamp

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To turn on TL lamps in need of some components, such as

1. TL lamp

TL lamps serve as the main light source

how to install tl lamp

2. ballast

Ballast or commonly referred to as a light transformer is a component serves to protect the lamp so as not to burn when connected

In another word the ballast function is to determine the amount of electric current into the lamp

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3. starter

The starter goes to turn on the TL lamp. Stater should be turned around if the lights are not yet on

Actually, without a starter any TL lights can light up because the function of the starter is just helping to trigger the flame lights

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What you necessitate to know is that the power sizes for tall and ballast lamps should be the same if they will not cause the tail lights off if the ballast power is too large, or dim if the ballast power is less than the power of the lamp

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The following a series of TL lamps that can you companion


how to install tl lamp

You can assemble TL lamps, ballasts and starters as shown to a higher place

The advantage of using TL lamps is the light produced TL lamp will be brighter when compared with ordinary incandescent light

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