high and low logic

what are high and low logic?

what are high and low logic? Perhaps you have noticed an example digital circuit on a PC motherboard or on a VCD / DVD or other digital equipment

Well in the section listed high and low logic? What is the meaning of high and low in the circuit?

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All digital equipment works based on binary numbers so to understand it then you should know first what is the binary number

For articles about binary numbers please read on the article understanding binary numbers

In essence all digital equipment must have one condition that is high and low condition and not allowed in floating condition

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High condition

Condition 1 or also called a high condition is a condition where a particular point in the digital circuit is connected directly with Vcc or positive voltage

The high conditions can be described as follows

high condition

If an output is in high condition relation with positive pole LED and negative pole LED connected with ground then LED light will be on

If an input is in logical condition 1 it means that the input is the same as connected to VCC

low condition

Condition 0 or low condition is a condition where a particular point on the digital circuit is connected with Gnd or negative voltage

low condition

If a circuit output logic 0 then if you connect it with negative pole LED and positive pole LED connected with VCC then LED will be on

If an input is in a logical condition 0 it means that the input is the same as grounding or connect with grounding

why digital equipment use logic 1 and 0?

As in the explanation above all digital equipment uses binary numbers in processing. Then what are the reasons why digital equipment uses logic 1 and 0?

The some reasons why digital devices use binary numbers are follow

  • binary data more easily designed
  • binary data more resistant to binary noise
  • more precisi
  • binary data can be programmed and data can be stored easily

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Need you know that all digital files are actually a set of numbers 1 and 0 that are processed so rapidly through a series of adc and dac so fast that they become a file like image files, MP3, video, text and so on

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high and low logic

So all the files you see on the computer are actually binary data numbers consisting of numbers 1 and number 0

In digital systems are known terms 1 and 0 Or logic high and low or logic life off

Logic 1 is a logic +5 volts or close to 5 volts while Logic 0 is a 0 volt logic or negative logic

For example if a lamp is in a state of ignition then it says logic 1 whereas if it is said logic 0

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This logic is very important because the computer only recognizes two conditions of life and death

In the logic gate or flip-flop Input must be in the form of binary data in the form of logic 1 and 0

In the 7 segment display a series of lighted ledges are led with a logic 1 while the row of the exit is logic 0

Examples What we often see in everyday life is on traffic lights and on billboards

so the article about logic 1 and 0

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