hexadecimal number

What is hexadecimal number?

Probably among you all have ever asked about the meaning of hexadecimal numbers. What is a hexadecimal number? What are the hexadecimal number function and why use hexadecimal numbers?

Before answering all the above questions of course you must know in advance the definition of hexadecimal numbers

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hexadecimal number definition

As the admin has written in the previous post there are many number systems used in this world

Among them are decimal numbers, binary numbers, octal numbers, and hexadecimal numbers

the decimal number is a number based on the number 10 means that in the decimal number there are 10 symbols consisting of the numbers 0 to 9

In everyday life we ​​use this decimal number system

There is also a binary number in which this number is used in a digital world that only uses 2 digit symbols 0 and digit 1

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There is also an octal number that is a number using base 8

in this article admin will focus on hexadecimal numbers only on the meaning of hexadecimal numbers and hexadecimal number function

So what is hexadecimal number?

the hexadecimal number is a 16 based number meaning that there are 16 digits in hexadecimal numbers or symbols

Digits on decimal numbers starting from the digit 0 to digit F. For more details you can pay attention to the following table

what is hexadecimal number, hexadecimal number definition
hexadecimal table

why use hexadecimal number?

why use hexadecimal number. Why not uses the binary number or decimal number

As the above explanation there are various types of numbers and maybe you still have questions

why use decimal numbers?

Hexadecimal numbers are used in the digital world as well as programming for ease of writing

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in certain cases in the computer system we will be difficult if you have to use binary numbers simple example is when showing memory address, or at the time of making coding and so forth

consider the following examples to create 255 numbers

In the binary number to write the number 255 required as many as 8 digits is 11111111

on the programming world there is a lot of code if you write numbers by using binary numbers it will be very difficult

well to simplify it is used hexadecimal number where you simply write the digit FF

With the above information of course my friend already understand why using hexadecimal number

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the hexadecimal number function

As the description above also the function of hexadecimal number is to get the value of memory address, RGB code, microcontroller system and so forth

An example of using hexadecimal numbers is in CVAVR which can summarize or simplify when inputting values

For an article about programming using CVAVR you can read on the article programming the output input on atmega 8

how does hexadecimal number work, why use hexadecimal number, the hexadecimal number function

In the article explained that if using hexadecimal numbers then the writing of the code is more concise than using binary or decimal numbers

Actually there are many examples of hexadecimal number functions but the core is the number of hexadecimal numbers used to facilitate the writing

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While for data storage and transmission is used binary number

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