ground definition and function

what is grounding?

The thing that is often overlooked in electrical installations is grounding or land systems. The grounding system can be found in electrical outlet, refrigerator, computer and so forth. Do you know what is grounding? What is ground function?

Ground function is very important where the ground serves as a safety when there is leakage of electrical current. In this article you can learn how to make a ground on the electrical installation

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Have you ever noticed a socket?

If the outlet is opened then we will find two Brass plates connected to the AC220 cable and a Brass plate that is not connected to everywhere

ground definition and function

Have you thought what the plate functions

Any electrical components that berbody metal or conductor usually use Grounding system example computer, refrigerator, water pump, iron etc

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Characteristics of electrical equipment using ground

The characteristics of grounded electrical equipment can be seen in the number of cables on the plug

If the number of cables on the plug there are 3 pieces then the equipment is using ground

understanding phase neutral and ground cables

ground function on electrical installation

The Ground function is to discharge electricity into the earth in case of electrical leakage so it is safe from sting

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Type of Contact Stop Using Grounding System

There are two types of sockets circulating in the market that are the first outlet without Ground and the second is the outlet using Ground

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stop contact without ground

Ground-free contacts are often used for small power tools and are not metal entities such as lamps, mobile phone chargers, etc.

Here’s a picture of the socket

stop contact without ground


stop contact using ground

Ground outlets are usually used for electrical appliances such as metalwork such as computers, refrigerators, water pumps, irons etc.

Physical form as shown below

stop contact using ground
stop contact using ground

How to Make Ground On Electrical Installation

how to make the ground on the electrical installation, especially on the socket can be done if the socket is the second type

But before making a friend must first understand the parts of the outlet

The following socket parts

ground definition and function

In the picture above there are 3 main terminal that is terminal A, B, and C

  • Terminal A serves for the entry of AC voltage lines
  • Terminal B serves for the entry of AC voltage
  • Terminal C for grounding

To make Grounding you just connect to Terminal C with Cable Towards Earth

In addition to Functioning as Ground, Other functions Of The Plate Connected with the terminal C is to Strengthen the plug embedded so as not to easily loose

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