understanding electromagnet

the understanding electromagnet

Electromagnets are the process of changing magnetic objects because of the flow of electricity. Electromagnets can be met on loudspeakers, transformers, electric bell and so on. How does electromagnet work?

Electromagnet occurs in the electricity flowing through the wire so the wire will appear Magnetic field

The greater the electric current that flows the resulting magnetic field will be stronger. The magnetic field can also be reinforced by wire wrapping to form a coil

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More about more about electromagnetic understanding is as follows

how does electromagnet work

When an electric current flows through the coil than on the coil will form a magnetic field, the greater the electric current the stronger the magnetic field generated

When the magnet appears and the coil is held close to a piece of iron the pieces of iron will be attracted. This event is called an electromagnet

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magnetism can also be strengthened by inserting an iron core into the coil. Electromagnet is temporary means the electric current is disconnected from the source then the magnetic field will be lost

how does electromagnet work
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things that affect electromagnetic weakness

Strong weak Magnetic field is influenced by several things

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– large electric current

The greater the electric current flowing into the coil the stronger the magnetic field is generated and vice versa if the electric current flowing is small then the resulting magnetic field will be weak

-the amount of coil

The more the number of wire reels the stronger the magnetic field is generated and the vice versa if the number of coil is small then the resulting magnetic field will become weak


the smaller the resistance of the wire used to make the coil The magnetic field will be stronger, the more resistant the wire is used The magnetic field will weaken

-the coils

by inserting the core iron into the coil then the resulting magnetic field will be stronger than the coil without the iron core

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electromagnet will occur when the current of both DC and AC current flow into the coil

One example of the benefits of an electromagnet is a transformer or transformer

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If an electric current flowing is an AC current it will produce an electromagnetic wave

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