how to display numbers on 7 segment display?

After my friend read the article 7 segment then this time admin will discuss about how to display numbers on 7 segment display

As you know, 7 segments can display decimal digits from 0 to 9 even from 0 to F for hexadecimal numbers

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To display numbers on 7 segments then you need a table 7 segment

In 7 segment there are 7 pins each pin connected with row led or often called segment consisting of A to G

If all rows of led on 7 segment in the illuminated condition then 7 segment will display the number 8

7 segment diagram

The following figure shows the 7 segment common cathode diagram. For common anode type the diagram is the opposite of common cathode

therefore you should also read the article about what is common anode and common cathode and how does it work?

7 segment common cathode diagram

7 segment common cathode diagram

how to display numbers on 7 segment?

There are 2 ways to display the numbers on 7 segments

  • Turn 7 segments directly by giving input on A-G pin on 7 segment
  • Turn 7 segment indirectly by using decoder

If 7 segments are turned on are common anode or anode type together then to turn on the required negative voltage

Whereas if 7 segments are turned on is a common type of cathode or cathode together then it takes a positive voltage to turn it on

To turn 7 segments directly we can give input logic 1 or 0 on pin A-G 7 segment

For this way we need 7 parallel channels

To turn 7 segment first we need to know 7 segment table

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7 segment table

Table 7 segment for common anode types differs from common type of cathode

Here are 7 segment tables for common cathode types

7 segment table
7 segment table

the meaning of the table above is if my friend intends to display the number 0 on 7 segment then the segment is switched segment A, B, C, D, E, F (column logic 1)

Showing the number 0 on 7 segment

Note the condition of the switch on and off

how to display numbers on 7 segment display

to display the number 1 then the segment is turned on segment B, and C and so on as the table above

so to turn on 7 segment then essentially you have to turn on certain segments

  • Decimal 0 = A,B,C,D,E,F
  • Decimal 1 = B,C
  • Decimal 2 = A,B,D,E,G
  • Decimal 3 = A,B,C,D,G
  • Decimal 4 = B,C,F,G
  • Decimal 5 = A,C,D,F,G
  • Decimal 6 = A,C,D,E,F,G
  • Decimal 7 = A,B,C
  • Decimal 8 = A,B,C,D,E,F,G
  • Decimal 9 = A,B,C,D,F,G
  • Heksadesimal A = A,B,C,E,F
  • Heksadesimal B = C,D,E,F,G
  • Heksadesimal C = A,D,E,F
  • Heksadesimal D = B,C,D,E,G
  • Heksadesimal E = A,D,E,F,G
  • Heksadesimal F = A,E,F,G

display numbers on 7 segment indirectly using a decoder

To turn on 7 segments using your decoder requires a binary decoder to 7 segments

For discussion how to make a decoder please read the binary decoder to 7 segment

By using decoder then we only need 4 channel input

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From the 4 channels we can display 16 digits from 0 to F

7 segment using decoder

The resulting output will match the input of the binary number you entered

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How to display numbers on 7 segment common anode

To turn on 7 segment common anode type then you need 7 pieces of not gate connected to input 7 segment. The function of not gate is convert common cathode to common anode

so you should read it on article How to convert common anode to common cathode and otherwise

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