dimming incandescent lamps with diode

dimming incandescent lamps with diode. Diode are electronics components that are only capable of conducting electric current in one direction only. If an electric current is reversed then the diode can not conduct the electric current or the current will be blocked

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In this article the admin will show you about how to dimming incandescent lamps with diodes

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the following set of lights is simple enough that only a diode and two switches can dim the incandescent flame with a diode

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dimming incandescent lamps with diode

as you already know that the electric current of 220V that you meet is a type of AC current (alternating current) with a frequency of 50-60 Hz

on AC current electric current will flow back and forth 2 direction

by using an electric current diode will be made into one direction only in the sense that the resulting power will be half only when compared with not using diodes

You need to know the following series of lights can only be used for incandescent lights, not for TL lamps, fluorescent and others

 dimming incandescent lamps with diode

components needed

  • 2 pieces of switch
  • a diode type BY 127
  • an incandescent lamp

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As for the lighting dimming circuit scheme is as follows

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how the circuit works

As for how the circuit works is as follows

dimming incandescent lamps with diode

switch S1 functions as a main switch where its function is to turn on and off the lights. When the switch S1 on then the light will light up while the switch S1 off then the light will die

The S2 switch serves to dim the flare of incandescent lamps. When the S2 switch is on then the incandescent lamp will turn on the light while the S2 off the light will be dim

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it happens because when the switch S2 of the electric current will flow through the diode and it makes the electric power flowing into half

by using a simple circuit above you can dim the flame of an incandescent lamp

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