definition of ac and dc currents

definition of ac and dc currents. Do you know what is alternating current? or what is direct current? What are the differences about it

All-sophisticated times like this all use almost all electric energy, lights, cell phones, refrigerators, computers and so on all require electrical energy to operate

To operate an electrical apparatus must be connected to an appropriate electrical device such that an inverter can operate when using a 12V AC voltage, another example is a tone control will work with a 12V DC voltage

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Each electronic equipment requires different electric power. And do you know that the electric current we use consists of 2 types of AC and DC currents

What is the definition of ac and dc currents refer to the explanation below

definition of ac and dc currents

AC current or alternating current or also called alternating current is a large electric current and the direction is constantly changing

if observed further then the AC current will form a wave called a sine wave with the direction of change

AC power current generated by generator, or dynamo

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what is alternating current (AC current) ?

what is alternating current, what is direct current? The current of the alternator or dynamo we use in everyday life is the AC current. To prove that the electric current from the dynamo is the AC current, you can pay attention to the led sensor on the power jack


what is direct currentYou can flip through the plug then the light will stay on. This happens because alternator electricity is AC power in case alternator electricity is DC power then if you wrong to connect the LED light will not turn on

The frequency of the alternating current is 50-60hz that means the positive and negative poles vary by 50-60 times per second. The AC current produces a hum of 50-60hz

The advantages of AC currents are that energy can be passed on a transformer or transformer easily

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what is direct current (DC current) ?

DC current or direct current is a current that has a positive and negative pole position which remains for example in battery

what is alternating current

On the battery or the positive and negative poles forever will remain

This type of dc flow that we use to charge mobile phone, laptop, power amplifier, radio, VCD etc

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When we charger mobile phone then the main source of electricity is from 220VAC and is the electric current but after going through the adapter the current has been lowered first and converted into 5V DC current so it can be able to charge a phone

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If you noticed the phone charger then you will find the input and output voltage


what is alternating current, what is direct current

In the picture above is written the input voltage is AC 100V-240V and the output voltage is 5VDC with current 1A

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